czwartek, 2 stycznia 2014

Design inspirations I

honey bee brass door knocker

 Po długim czasie milczenia, zaczynam Nowy Rok porcją zdjęć ;-)
niektóre mocno z przymrużeniem oka, ale kto wie, może Was zainspirują
aby wprowadzić małą rewolucję w życiu ;-)


Hi there!
After long silence, I begin the New Year 
with a lot pictures for you!
Some of pictures are tongue-in-cheek, but maybe you will find some 
good inspirations to do little revolution in life ;-)

 *all these pictures comes from :

Bowie duvet cover 
Day of the Dead Corkscrew  #Corkscrew #StockingStuffers #Xmas 


Totem cups 

Button Floozies

Vintage buttons 

Bookends - Running Cat - laser cut for precision these metal bookends will hold your favorite books 

 #neon #graffiti #type #typography




Amethyst Spike Ringmodern-ised 

 Wooden Legos Figurines by Thibaut Malet

Lego Party

 LEGO owl by DeTomaso Pantera

Daft Punk!  Lego 

 zombie <3

// collar tabs



Goodworth Keys x OTH 

DIY globe lamp 


Punk matryoshka doll :) 

best toaster ever 

there's a robot in my tea! 

 Woodburned Spoons

Bone China

#diy origami fox

Multi mirrors

Totally tropical 

I love this Ginko leaf chair by Claude Lalanne

great chair.

 eye floor lamp

 Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt’s Plexiglas & Brass Chandeliers

Smart shelves using intelligent space under the stairs | Polo's Furniture

Mood Light Garden Deco Balls – $39

 Mattia Bonetti - Paul Kasmin Gallery

 Great shelf idea!


Awesome view

 cabin staircase

 reclaimed wood lips. :)



 cloud room

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  1. świetny blog :) Zaobserwowałam i liczę na rewanż.


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